My evil pet triops diary page.


This is my first web page that actually matters,LOL.Please keep up with me


OK, lets get started.

My first triop and sea monkey kit was bought when i was waaaayyyyy younger.

It didnt work last time so i thought a few days ago that I DIDNT EVEN READ THE DIRECTIONS!

So a few days ago i bought the exact same kit and want to try it again.

So here's my diary,I will be updating it at least everyday.So you better put this site in your favorites

so you can see what happens everyday until they all die.

If i miss over a day please nag at me at

Have fun!


3/18/04 Introduction day one: You've probably read what happened at the top, so heres my first day, I bought a pet-shrimp(I think sea monkey) and triops kit at a craft and project store.This time i read the directions so it wouldn't end in disaster. Ok, lets see, prepare one tank side for shrimp-pets first then do the triops. You probably don't need to know the directions. But I can tell you that the water needs to be distilled and room temp for the triops. I used tap water that has been sitting for four days so it wouldnt kill my betta fish, but I decided to use it for my triops. I also used filtered tap water for my shrimp-pets so they wouldnt suffocate in distilled water (Note: Using unfiltered tap water will instanly kill your pets because of chlorine and other harmful chemicals).

3/19/04 Day two: One day after adding eggs in separate sides I observed little tadpoles coming out and was very excited. I also see tadpoles in the triops side but I can't tell the difference between the pet-shrimp or triops.Lets see what I am in for tomorrow. :-)

3/20/04 Day three:LIFE! I instantly discover a baby triop and it is a BIG one. I don't know if it has murdered it's brothers and/or sisters but I know he's hungry. I gave him a huge pellet and it took a lot of bites out of it.

Picture below of a possible two day old triop(may be one day old) :


3/21/04 Day 3: My triops are getting bigger everyday. The triop you see above has almost doubled in size! I cant wait to see it eat the others,lol.

3/22/04 day 4:Ummmmm............, Well today i found out that the triop you see above has eaten the other triops.I noticed that all the triops were gone except the one you see.I gave him another pellet of food and he was hungry. Hopefully he will last a long time.He is over a centimeter long and you dont need a magnifying glass to see him.


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